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Gallagher Victory’s specialists design programs to meet the needs of the transportation industry; for clients both small and large – from the owner-operator to major fleets.

Our experienced transportation team is well-versed in handling all of the unique requirements associated with transportation risks and offers a valuable resource to the trucker who is looking to get more from their agent than just an insurance policy. We work closely with insurance companies that are market leaders. Together, we can offer you excellent products, competitive pricing, in-depth coverage and extensive claims and loss-control services.

We know the business, and offer specific coverage. We understand that claims cost money, and we will help reduce your amount of claims by offering a variety of safety information. Also, we will reduce downtime by handling claims aggressively.

No one will work harder at obtaining and maintaining the right insurance and risk management program for your company.

We specialize in:

Transportation Industry

  • Trade Industries-Contractors, Artisans, Handyman Services, etc.
  • Logistics, including industries with delivery services
  • Courier Services and Package Delivery
  • and many more

Trucking & Commodities

  • Radius of Operations - Local, Intermediate, Long Haul
  • Construction - Highway and Road Construction, Building Materials & Rock, Sand, and Gravel
  • General Commodity Hauling, Vans, Flat Beds, Drop Decks, Refers & All Combinations
  • Grocery - Food Industry - Dry Goods, Fresh, Frozen, Liquid Products
  • Tanker Commodities - Non-Hazardous & Hazardous




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