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Marriage, a new baby, tuition, retirement planning... your growing responsibilities require insurance coverage that grows with you. At Gallagher Victory we have professionals that can work with you to assess the financial services products that meet your personal financial needs and goals, for now and in the future.

Life Insurance:
Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for you and your family's future. It can fulfill promises and obligations to your family if you are no longer living. The death benefit is income-tax free and can be used to cover funeral expenses, repay debt, provide education, pay estate taxes or any other expenses your survivors may incur. At Gallagher Victory we have a wide variety of life insurance products.

Disability Insurance Products are designed to protect you and your family against loss of income resulting from injury or sickness that prevents you from working. Definitions of disability can vary significantly, from inability to perform duties of your job to inability to perform any jobs. Also benefits can vary significantly in policies. Our experienced staff can help you understand these differences to make sure you get the policy that best serves your needs.

The rising cost of dental care and the resulting effect on insurance premiums must be considered when choosing dental insurance. Review the dental plans available through Gallagher Victory to select one that provides the coverage you need at a cost you can afford.

Long Term Care:
Studies show that the average cost for one year in a nursing home is $40,000 and can go as high as $100,000 in larger cities. Also, 24/7 home care can be just as expensive. These expenses are rarely covered under Medicare or health insurance. Contact Gallagher Victory to discuss your options in purchasing long term care insurance to protect your financial assets.

Estate Planning:
Estate planning represents a designed distribution plan that covers not only who you leave your estate to, but also in what manner you wish to implement your intention. At Gallagher Victory we can assist you, in conjunction with your attorney and/or CPA, design a plan that helps ensure your assets pass according to your expressed wishes with a minimal cost to heirs.

Fixed Annuities:
Retirement planning has become more important than ever with company pension plan cut-backs / failures and the threat to social security. Fixed annuities are long-term savings vehicles through insurance companies that are designed to provide income that you cannot outlive. Discuss the alternative of having fixed annuities a part of your retirement plan with a Gallagher Victory professional.

Individual retirement accounts allow you to defer taxes while your investments grow. By postponing taxes your money compounds faster. Also you may pay a lower tax when you do start taking money from your IRA's, thus allowing some control over an important expense - your taxes. At Gallagher Victory we have a comprehensive portfolio of IRA's available for you.

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